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4 Speed Transmission Service

 Hydraulically controlled 4 speed gearboxes

Mercedes Transmissions designated 722.0, 722.1 and 722.2 are fitted to vehicles between 1969 and 1982. 722.3 and 722.4 4G Tronic boxes were fitted between 1981 in all models right up to 1996  with some variants of W202 C Class and W210 E Class being the last. 722.5 boxes have a hydraulically controlled 5th over-speed gear. Obviously if you have one of these transmissions, you are a proud owner of a Classic Mercedes-Benz.It is hard to put a Mercedes gearbox service schedule on something that has far exceeded it’s original design life maintenance schedule  but it is definitely safe to say regular fluid changes are essential to keep your reliability up as well as driving pleasure.

5 Speed Transmission Service

Electrically controlled 5 speed gearboxes

Mercedes Transmissions designated 722.6 are 5G Tronic five speed boxes with electronic controls that replaced friction plate technology with a torque converter. These boxes can handle really high torque and remained a standard fit on V12 and AMG models when the replacement 7G boxes came into service. Mercedes UK recommend a fluid change once only at 37k but in our experience it is well worth keeping up that routine every 40k miles. Additionally, the electrics pack is internal to the gearbox and has a “pilot bush” to keep the loom sealed. This commonly leaks. Our price can cover a full service including the replacement of this grommet.

7 Speed Transmission Service

Electrically controlled 7 speed gearboxes

The 722.9 7G Tronic box can also benefit from a Gearbox Fluid, filter and gasket change especially as we are now seeing units with high mileage on. This box is silky smooth and you should really notice the difference if you are starting to feel any jerkiness whatsoever.

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