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All warning lights extinguished from your dashboard

Basic diagnostic

For a simple fault report detailing any current faults or faults that may be within an ECU’s (Electronic control unit) memory, we charge a great price of £29. This gives up to 20 minutes in the workshop and a large amount of the time is enough to determine a faulty item or short-list. Any further work required will come under our Advanced Vehicle diagnostic.

Advanced diagnostic

Includes Basic diagnostic but for monitoring actual values or a thorough test drive, sensor checks etc, we charge £49 and can almost always get to the route of the problem, fixing same day if the parts are available and getting you back on the road ASAP.

Further diagnosis work

If the Advanced Diagnostic runs over 45 minutes, we then charge our usual hourly rate to perform any wiring checks or strip-down required. You will always be asked for your permission before we spend any time on your vehicle or replace any components as part of the process and we will always explain the logic behind these steps giving you full peace of mind.

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