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Need some extra performance?

Whether you drive a normally aspirated, supercharged (Kompressor) or turbocharged Mercedes, you can benefit from the extra performance that an MD Mercedes remap will give you. If you are worried about reliability then don’t be, Matt’s E320 cdi has racked up 180k miles on the original turbo and the last 60k miles have had an MD Performance remap making it approximately 250BHP and a very fast car indeed. Of course the extra heat and stress will shorten the design life by a small percentage but will we ever notice it, doubtful, especially if we keep up the service schedule using quality parts and oil. Gains of upto 30% in power can be achieved allowing safer overtaking and increased driving pleasure.
Unleash the power with a Mercedes remap

How about extra fuel economy?

Get some extra MPG from your MD Remap. With slightly less (but still noticeable) power gains than an MD Performance Remap, the MD Economy Map can help you make big fuel and cost savings.


Prices start at £299. Call Now for a mercedes remap session on 01513573111. Alternatively Contact Us.


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